About Al Hone

I have been creating art most of my life. I have studied with, and been influenced by, artists from many different fields. Tapping into this knowledge and experience, has enabled me to create wonderful and unique works of art.

Al Hone sculpture

After years of sculpting wood, the natural progression was to draw on that knowledge and apply it to bronze work. The last few years I have concentrated more fully on sculpture, and have completed several pieces. I draw inspiration from nature, the people of the past, and my own life. The ability to express yourself through art is a gift, and should be shared with others. As an artist, I believe art should be not only visually pleasing, but should touch on the viewers emotions. 

I work closely with clients and designers, to create anything you can imagine for your home. From custom functional art pieces, to beautiful sculptures of wood and bronze.

My wife and I live and travel full time in our RV, and I find inspiration for my art from all the beautiful places we go. Creating my art on the road, allows me the freedom of expression that art needs to grow. 

Al Hone

To order, or inquire about custom work please contact us.