About Al Hone

I have been creating art most of my life. As a third generation wood worker, I learned from an early age about balance, design, and most of all quality in the finished product. My art really came to life when I began creating functional pieces of art. Sculpting the wood, designing each piece, and making something completely unique enabled me to explore my art even further. Seeing the positive reaction from the new owners of a one of a kind piece, whether it’s my own design, or theirs, gives me great satisfaction.

Taking the step into bronze sculpture, and also my charcoal/oil paintings was a natural progression, and I love the freedom of artistic expression I can achieve with these mediums. I  infuse emotion, a story, and a connection to the viewer in every piece I create.

The ability to express yourself through art is a gift, and should be shared with others. As an artist I believe art can not only be visually pleasing, but should also touch on the viewers emotions.

My wife and I live and travel full time in our RV, doing art shows together throughout the west.

I find inspiration for my art from all the beautiful places we go. Creating my art on the road, allows me the freedom of expression that art needs to grow. 

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