Award winning artist, Al Hone, creates functional art pieces using wood as his main medium. Carving each piece individually allows him to bring out the natural beauty and character of the wood.  Sculpting everything from small and intricate, to much larger work, the diversity is unparalleled in the art community. Combining fine wood carving, and functional pieces of furniture, enables Al to create wonderful heirloom quality art.

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“Raven Magic” is all hand carved from solid walnut. The detail in the ravens, and the surrounding design, is amazing. You can almost feel the wind created by the ravens as they fly.

The mirror measures 52″w x 44″h    Available for sale  $8200.00  

hand carved mirror with ravens

hand carved mirror with ravens  hand carved mirror with ravens  hand carved mirror with ravens  hand carved mirror with ravens

“The spirit of the Tetons” is a smaller desk with matching chair. We love the Tetons and wanted to capture the beauty and majesty of our favorite mountain range. Sitting at this desk is so peaceful and inviting. The carved birds that perch on the branches are Cassin’s finches. They are native to the area around the Tetons. The bead work on the chair is of Sioux design. They inhabited this region, and felt the great mountains were a sacred and spiritual place. All these elements combined have created a unique and memorable work of art.  SOLD
 Hand carved desk, Tetons    Hand carved desk, Tetons  Hand carved desk, Tetons
 “One with the Earth” 

This amazing custom desk is perfect for a business or home office. Plenty of storage with 4 drawers and one cupboard in the credenza. 7 drawers in the front desk. Made from alder with walnut inserts in the drawers and cupboard doors. All hand carved. One of a kind. 

“One with the earth” depicts Native American life and the cycle of the buffalo as it returns to the earth.

 Available for sale 

 Hand carved desk, buffalo  Hand carved desk, buffalo   Hand carved desk, buffalo
 “The Longhorn” 

Made from alder with glass doors and a big front drawer for storage. The is the perfect accessory item for any ranch, or mountain home. Interior lights to showcase what ever treasures you put inside on the glass shelves. 90″t x 46″w x 21″d 

Available for sale 


Pictures of past work, either custom ordered or already sold.


Is a solid walnut and cherry table that has an aspen leaf carving,and is simple, yet gorgeous. The top and the legs are walnut, while the skirt is cherry with a very unique cut. The aspen leaf is attached to the top, where the grain of the wood looks like ripples in a pond.  48″L x 14″D x 32″ T 

Close up carved aspen leaf table   Custom walnut hall table

“Time well spent” won Best artist in an accent piece, and Exhibitors Choice awards, at the 2006 Western Design Conference. This magnificent work of art is a tribute to Al’s father. He taught him the fine art of fishing, and enjoying the natural world that surrounds us. The top of the table is a solid piece of walnut. The stream that is carved into the top, feels like running water. The fishing creel and fish, are also carved from a solid piece of walnut. Each squirrel has his own personality, and lend an air of fun and mischief to the piece.

Custom, hand carved, table

 Custom, hand carved, table   Custom, hand carved, table           
    Custom, hand carved, table, fishing creel   Custom, hand carved, table, fishing creel   
Custom, hand carved, table, squirrels     Custom, hand carved, table, squirrels
This hand carved cherry armoire, measures 6ft x 8ft and was custom designed and built for a client in Wyoming. The fully carved doors depict an Indian sleeping under a tree while the elk sneak away behind him. The interior features several drawers for storage and can accommodate a 50″ TV.
 Hand carved armoire   Hand carved armoire  
 This custom ordered piece was built for an art room and follows the curves of the walls.
Hand carved furniture      
“Grandpas desk”, won the Best of Show Award at the 2003 Western Design Conference. This piece is a story in itself. What would Grandpa have on his desk? A lantern to use at night to check his animals. Glasses, and some books to relax with. And chaps, casually draped on the desk, after a long day on the ranch. All the items are hand carved. The chaps are a solid piece of walnut, and sanded to a smooth perfection.
Functional art desk   
 Western desk with fully carved front panel .
 Hand carved western desk  
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