Paintings and Drawings

Painting has allowed me to explore the use of color and texture, in ways that I never could with bronze sculpture. I have enjoyed this painting journey, and creating my own unique style. Every painting starts with a charcoal drawing, then I oil paint on top. This lends a unique quality, to each painting. These pieces and more can be seen at art shows through out the year.

Wild horses endure through all kinds of weather, always standing steadfast, and strong. 24 x 36 $1500

wild horse painting

In Charge

30×42 $2500 SOLD

Mr. Attitude

Having the opportunity to watch, and hang out with the wild burros is so much fun. Especially the young foals. This little guy was just so full of it, and had the cutest personality.
36×36 $1500
burro painting


Takoda is a wild stallion living his best wild life in Oregon. I was so taken with how handsome he is, I knew I needed to paint him. 24 x 36  SOLD

wild horse painting


30×42 $2500

Winters Flight

I love ravens, and painting them is a fun challenge. 24 x 36 SOLD

Raven painting

Red Desert Wild Ones

These wild stallions live(d) free in Wyoming’s red desert area. 36×48 $3200

The Big Bison

The extreme stare of a bison. They just know how powerful they are. 48×60 SOLD


This adorable little wild burro is 30×42 $2500

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