Painting has allowed me to explore the use of color and texture, in ways that I never could with bronze sculpture. I have enjoyed this painting journey, and creating my own unique style. Every painting is a unique mixture of mediums, consisting of charcoal drawings beautifully enhanced with oil painting.

These pieces and more can be seen at art shows throughout the year, or if you’re interested in purchasing one, please email me at

Play Time

Young ones like to play, no matter what. 30 x 48


Wild Horse Icon 30 x 40

wild horse drawing

Classic Bison

24 x 30

Fall Colors

48 x 60


Baby Moose, So Cute 24 x 30

The Traveler

Wolf 24 x 36

Sunrise Elk

30 x 48


24 x 36


24 x 36

The Matriarch

30 x 40


Shedding that winter coat 36 x 48

Bison charcoal drawing


He had places to be 36 x 48

Wolf charcoal drawing

  Mr. Attitude


Shake it

48″ x 48″

Morning Sunshine

24 x 30

charcoal raven drawing

Owl Eye

24 x 30

owl charcoal drawing

Great Grey

48 x 60

charcoal drawing of great grey owl


24 x 30

Surfer Dude

24 x 30



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