Wildlife and Native American sculpture

Al Hone creates wonderful, life like sculptures. With attention to every detail, no matter the subject. For pricing and availability on any of these pieces, please email us at alhonesculpture@gmail.com

“Weathering the storm” is a Native American horse ready for battle. The plains Indians created elaborate horse masks for their horses to wear as they went to war. Whether they were fighting neighboring tribes, or trying to push back the white men, the horse masks gave their mounts a very fierce appearance. All the decorations were symbolic of extra power they wanted the horses to possess. A common and favorite theme was associated with the thunderstorms that are famous for rolling across the plains. Lightning bolts, wind and hail are all decorations found on Plains Indian horse masks. This horse mask is modeled after an actual Blackfoot mask that is covered with circular brass buttons. The round metallic buttons represent hail stones. The beading around the eye holes, was done with white beads, to give the horse the appearance of lightning shooting from it’s eyes. The scalp lock hanging from the horses mouth, depicts an enemy the horse trampled and bit or “ate”.

Dimensions are 16″w x 23″h x 12″d    



“School Days”

A mother coyote takes her young ones out for a lesson in hunting.

Dimensions are 31″W  x 4″D x 9″H

coyote sculpture

coyote sculpture  coyote sculpture  coyote sculpture

coyote sculpture

“Rainy Days”

This wild horse was enduring a rainy day.

Dimensions are 13″W x 12″H x 6″D

wild horse sculpture   wild horse sculpture

wild horse sculpture  wild horse sculpture

“Screech, and Scratch” 

These two adorable owls are ready to add fun, and a touch of owlish wisdom to your home. Measuring just 8″ high, they are an affordable way to bring some beautiful sculpture into your home. They can be sold separately, or as a pair. 

Dimensions are 8″ x 4″ 

owl sculpture   owl sculpture

owl sculpture  owl sculpture

“The Storyteller”

Raven, the great storyteller. Listen closely he will tell you all the secrets.

Dimensions are 15″ H x 17″W x 8″ D

Bronze sculpture, Al Hone,Raven      The Storyteller, raven sculpture


Listen to whatever moves you. Your inner voice, a higher power, the force and wonder of nature.

Dimensions are 11″ x 25″ high

sculpture,native american,al hone   Listen. Native American sculpture      

“Harmony and Strength”

The ravens work in harmony to steal the food the bear is uncovering. The bear has the strength to search for food under rocks, logs and just about anywhere else he wants. 

Dimensions are 12″ x 7 1/2″ x 8″  

Grizzly bear and raven sculpture  Grizzly bear and raven sculpture

Grizzly bear and raven sculpture  Grizzly bear and raven sculpture

“Searching for days gone by” is a sculpture of a Native American who is longing for, and looking for the way of life he knew. The days when hunting the bison was a sacred right, and they were plentiful on the plains. Days when life was simpler, and everyone had respect for Mother Earth. He is prepared for the hunt with his bow and quiver full of arrows. To bring him extra guidance on his journey, he is wearing his own personal medicine bundle.

Dimensions are 15″w x 21″h x 10″d      

native american bronze sculpture  Native american sculpture

native american sculpture  native american sculpture

“I walk the Red Road”   

This Sioux chief is resplendent in his war bonnet and beaded war shirt. Around his neck he wears a rock medicine amulet. In Native culture, walking the Red Road  is to honor Grandmother Earth in everyday life. Honoring every living thing upon her, the rocks, plants, animals, and people. To follow the creator and the path that leads to happiness and a good life.

Dimensions are 24″ tall x 18″ wide   

 native american sculpture  native american sculpture
native american sculpture  native american sculpture


Springtime on the plains means buffalo calves. This little one is surprised by the rabbit hiding in the grass. Or is the rabbit surprised by him.

Dimensions are 11″ x 11″    

Bronze sculpture, Al Hone,buffalo


The fight for supremacy is portrayed vividly in this sculpture. Bison fight until one surrenders. Sometimes injuries are so deep, they result in terrible crippling, or even death. All of this insures that the strongest genes are passed on to the next generation.

Dimensions are 15″ x 11″ x 6″ high.   

Bronze sculpture, Al Hone, Buffalo

“Wisdom and Gratitude”The bison rules the plains. Their power is unsurpassed. The Native Americans were grateful for everything they provided for them, from food to shelter, to ceremony. The bison are also grateful for the birds that ride along and rid them of the bugs in their thick coat. Raven is wise, and according to Native American has a lot of wisdom to impart, if we just listen. Dimensions are 16″ x 7″ x 4″
bison sculpture in bronze bison sculpture in bronze


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  3. I admire your work. Would you be interested in linking. I work today primarily in steel.



  4. What is price for’The Storyteller’ raven and postage to Belgium
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards

  5. I am interested in the Hidden Wisdom statue. We have a friend of FFA retiring and looking for a symbol of the knowledge he has provided over the years.

    How mush is it and how long to get it

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  7. Hi. What is the price of your Storyteller Raven and Wisdom and Gratitude Buffalo?
    Thx in advance.


  8. Is there a spot on your website I’m not seeing that shows price tags of these phenomenal pieces? There is more than one that has caught my eye as a great gift idea for friends… and of course myself!

  9. Mi WhatsApp +57 311 5393894 estoy interesado en comprar la escultura del cuervo vivo en Bogotá Colombia, muchas gracias!!

  10. Al,

    We met at the showing in JACKSON HOLE. Could you email me the price for “Listen” and I Walk the Red Road please?

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