One of a kind wood sculpture

The wood sculpture shown below are unique, and completely one of a kind. Al has been doing custom carved furniture since 2001, large and functional pieces of art. Wanting to create some smaller works, he carved these wood sculptures. Check back often, as new pieces are always in the works. Click on photos to view larger.

The newest wood sculptures

This piece is carved from solid walnut. The color and the grain in this piece of wood is so beautiful. With three little finches sitting on the branch, and the vase motif, this sculpture is beautiful.

Measures 28″ x 12″ 

Wood sculpture of finches   Wood sculpture of 3 finches   Wood sculpture of 3 finches

This piece is also carved from  solid piece of walnut. A morning dove sits a top the branch on a more contemporary style.

Measures 28″ x 12″ 

Morning dove wood sculpture   Morning dove wood sculpture

 Dragonflies at sunset

The dragonflies are slowly emerging from the wood in this wonderful and colorful piece.

Measures 12″ round not including the stand.

Dragonfly's at sunset, the newest wood sculpture   Dragonfly's at sunset, the newest wood sculpture
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Wood sculpture — 2 Comments

  1. I am a novice woodcarver who loves your work. I’ve been trying to carve feathers in your style. So far, I haven’t done very well at it. I hope you don’t mind my using your work as a model to learn by. I do credit you as the inspiration for my attempts which I post on Woodcarvers Illustrated forum. If I offend you, please let me know.


    Hazel Strickland

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